Thursday, November 5, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015 - November 5

So I was actually a bit nervous to take Wednesday off. I was on a roll on Tuesday night and thought that my scheduled break might do more harm than good. But taking days off between the writing worked well for me in previous NaNoWriMo runs, so I figured, why change a good thing. And the day off worked great. I was able to go over the upcoming confrontation scene in my mind and get some of the details a bit clearer. I also created a little makeshift map during lunch and planned out where I wanted everyone.

Stuff like that rarely comes across in my writing. But the planning helps me visualize those scenes and write them with a bit more ease. I still ended up stopping for a bit, considering the best way to approach it and then starting up again. My original concept was to have the scene play out and jump between the protagonists and antagonists as it occurred. But that seemed too cumbersome when it came down to it.

I ended up writing the confrontation from the protagonists point of view, jumping back and forth between the two gents (who are viewing it from different places in the desert). It worked out pretty well. I'm curious to how it reads when I come back to edit. I ended the chapter with the antagonists having a conversation about what just happened, so I was able to get their point of view.

Funny thing about that moment is that one of the characters just stepped forward full of personalty that I wasn't expecting. She made an impression and I'm looking forward to writing more for her later in the novel.

Next up was dialogue, my favorite bits to write. Had a lot of fun with three characters trying to talk circles around each other, but none of them really getting what they want out of the conversation. It probably goes on way too long, but it was fun to write. I'm taking Friday off, but Saturday or Sunday I'll be back at it. I've got a surprising situation for the protagonists to deal with in this next portion. It will be fun to write.

Music for this run:

  • Tomorrowland (soundtrack) - Michael Giacchino
  • Hellboy (soundtrack) - Marco Beltrami
  • Wolverine (soundtrack) - Marco Beltrami

Final Word Count: 14617


Richard Bellush said...

Interesting music choices.

I usually opt for blues in order to remind myself to reveal characters' emotions.

Roman J. Martel said...

Yeah I usually go with stuff without lyrics. I find that I actually start typing the lyrics if I'm not careful. :)

The story is a supernatural thriller with some heavy action scenes, so Beltrami actually works well. His writes dark toned music really well, and his action music is keltic but not meandering. He reminds me of Goldsmith in that fashion, able to keep things dynamic but musically interesting and thematic. He trained under Goldsmith and I really think it shows in that portion of his music. "Bellboy" is one of Beltrami's best scores. "Wolverine" focuses more on the dark and percussive side of his style, but that fit in well with what I was writing.