Wednesday, November 11, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015 - November 11

So Tuesday was pretty much a non-writing day. I'm fine with that, as long as Wednesday could turn into a writing day, and luckily it did. I got up this morning and suddenly that plot motivator issue I thought I had was solved.

I mentioned that supernatural incident that happened a couple of chapters back, well I had a ready made solution to my issue right there. What if that supernatural item wasn't just the treasure everyone was after, but had a magic boobytrap placed on it. It would make perfect sense considering who originally had it. Suddenly the plot was writing itself again. The boobytrap was triggered and my characters were back in peril again. Things quickly escalated and there was more tension, some fun dialogue scenes and another hint at the main antagonist.

Things progressed pretty well until right near the end of my writing run. The action scene I finished up felt a lot like the one I just did. I did shake it up a little bit, but I was worried that it might be too stale. I glanced at my outline and saw that my primary antagonist was supposed to strike in a separate scene. But what if she struck in the middle of this fight scene? That would make this even more chaotic and interesting. So I think I will have her appear, (but none of my protagonists will get a good look at her) and clash with my folks in this scene. That may mean some rewriting of the action scene, but I did get a good chunk of my word count today. Passed the halfway mark! So if I have to rework things a little bit tomorrow, I'm not too worried.

Music for this run:

  • The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey (soundtrack) - Howard Shore
  • Maleficent (soundtrack) - James Newton Howard
  • Snowpiercer (soundtrack) - Marco Beltrami
Final Word Count: 25090

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