Thursday, November 3, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016 - November 3

So I reread what I wrote last night and did some slight editing. Mostly tightening up some repetition (my biggest fault in the first draft). Since last night was a rough one, I knew that what I wrote was needing some work.

One aspect of this novel (and many fantasy novels) is the journey. My antagonists are on a journey as the story starts and they eventually run into my protagonists who start their journey later in the story to the same goal. I need to balance story with world description, something I don't usually do too much of in my thriller/horror stuff. But i'm having fun describing the lands the antagonists are traveling through as well as their adventures and interactions with other characters.

The problem with the world last night was that a lot of that journey material was missing. So I added some good description where I could and actually used the antagonist's musings to feed on the environment around him. They on a slow river heading into a jungle Heart of Darkness style. I had some fun with the jungle setting affecting how this poor guy is feeling about the whole mission.

This mini rewrite helped me feel more confident as I got into the new material. This included a lot of description of The Great Southern Temple that plays a key role in the story. Had lots of fun painting a word picture of this ancient and colossal place. I may even get to use the Lovecraftian favorite adjective - cyclopean!

In any case, it was a good night of writing, and Jerry Goldsmith and Morton Steven's epic score to Masada made it even better. I'll take tomorrow off and then either Saturday or Sunday will be another writing day.

Stats for this this evening.

Page Start: 83
Page End: 89
Word Count Start: 34574
Word Count End: 37854

  • Masada (Parts 1 through 4) – Jerry Goldsmith and Morton Stevens

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