Tuesday, November 15, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016 - November 15

Well it finally happened. I started act two. Yay! I got my protagonists on the Path of Trials and my antagonists traveling up the river toward their final destination. Now I'll get to write all kinds of challenges and perils for them to encounter and attempt to survive. I have a few already planned out. Some are environmental hazards. Some are wild creatures roaming the jungles. Some are traps laid out to prevent treasure seekers. And some will be generated by conflict between the characters as the path becomes more and more difficult.

This is actually one of the original portions of the story I thought up when the idea for the story first tickled my brain. I was reading about the Maya, and how their ruins were hidden in the jungle and the perils that archeologists encountered trying to find them. I suddenly had an idea of a fantasy adventure story set in jungle setting similar to that. I'd never read a fantasy story that used that kind of setting before. So I daydreamed up some of obstacles, some based on the history of the Maya book I was reading. Others based on fantasy tropes. I think I've got a good mix going and it should make for some exciting writing and I hope reading.

Writing from the perspective of a particularly loathsome antagonist right now. Its a bit challenging, because he isn't a very bright guy, but he is cunning. He isn't super observant and pretty much only aware of what he wants and needs. A very in the moment kind of guy. It is proving fun to write but also a bit of a challenge, especially after writing for four well educated and very pious women. This guy is a brutal pig.

Stats for the evening:

Page Start: 132
Page End: 139
Word Count Start: 56389
Word Count End: 59506
Nanowrimo Word Count: 31874

  • The Hobbit (playlist) – Howard Shore

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