Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Novel Status - December 9

Well I'm still plugging away at this novel, but its been slow going. Work has been really busy and intense lately, and my creative energies were pretty drained last week. But I am so close to he end of the story I just sat down today and tried to knock out some more chapters.

And I did pretty well. Got things lined up for the final confrontation and started in on the first round of it. I should be able to finish it in another couple sessions of writing I think. But it was still a bit rough to get things moving again.

I do wonder if I was dragging my feet a bit because I didn't want to kill off one of the main characters, and was resisting the idea... but it happened anyway. As I feared, not everyone is getting out of this one alive.

Music for this run:
  • Priest - Christopher Young
  • Seventh Son - Marco Beltrami
Final Word Count: 63052


Richard Bellush said...

The old saying “a horse runs fastest when the stable is in sight” so often doesn’t apply to people, even though it’s meant to. (It DOES apply to horses, which is why the rule of thumb on the return part of a trail ride is never to canter when back in sight.) We become attached to the journey. Also, as you mention, in the case of a novel, to our characters. Have you worked out both the confrontation and the morning after?

Roman J. Martel said...

I've got most of the confrontation planned out. I had to rework a portion of it because I think it was a bit too predictable. But the aftermath I do have planned. Only a chapter or two, but it sets up some material for the following novels and stories I've got panned.