Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Novel Status - December 2

Got through the confrontation scene with my antagonist and her arch-rival. It was interesting in a couple ways. I got go into a bit of detail of how my antagonist perceives these threats to her. She treats the two people she faces in this scene very differently.

I realized that there is a bit of a men vs. women dynamic in this story. It isn't something was consciously working into the novel. A week or so back I realized that my female characters in this story were all pretty disturbing in their own way. This is a bit atypical for my fiction, but I think it grew out of the way the story evolved over the years. Of course if this story sees the light of day I expect I'll get some readers who find my portrayal of women in this story unappealing. My answer will be, read the next novel, it has much more positive female characters (and I'm not just saying that, it really does).

But as I was writing this scene my antagonist's response to the male enemy and the female enemy are quite different. There is a history there that I'm interested in fleshing out a bit more. Maybe not in this novel, but in a short story down the road.

Funny how these things come up.

The other element to this section was coming up with a description of the physical appearance of my antagonist. She's been expending a lot of energy and will power to torment the protagonists. This has rendered her a bit... well... unwholesome from a visual point of view. Coming up with gooey and disturbing adjectives was fun.

Music for this run:

  • The Last Airbender - James Newton Howard
  • Priest - Christopher Young (amazing how perfect this score is for parts of my story)
Final Word Count: 60419

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