Monday, October 22, 2007

What's in a Blog

It was a bit difficult to come up with topic that would make my blog interesting to read. I decided to talk a bit about storytelling in all of its facets. Each week I'll pick either a specific work of fiction (novel, story, television series, movie, anime) and go over it. In a way it will be review, but my focus will be on the way the story is constructed and how it works most effectively or how it doesn't work.

In addition I may focus on one aspect of storytelling. This could be something technical, like plotting or characterization. It could be something broader like types of stories and why I feel they work.

So I hope you find the subject as interesting as I do. Who knows maybe I'll expose you to a story you've never encountered before or showed you a different take on something familiar. And feel free to comment and challenge my views, I always appreciate a good debate.

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